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Russian AWS IP Blocking

Hi all,

We are aware of the articles indicating that the Roskomnadzor (RKN) has requested that Russian ISPs block specific subnets of several cloud service providers. We can confirm that all GameSparks services are operating normally. At this time, there are no actions Gamesparks can take to circumvent the network blocks imposed by the RKN.

The GameSparks Support Team

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Our users, as well as we ourselves can not connect to GameSparks due to the limitations of RKN

Hits my development process hard *(

We asked our users to use a VPN and it works. Most of Russia should probably be using a VPN, anyway, since so many services were affected.

However, it would be nice if there was some sort of a mirror IP they could connect to if a timeout is detected that would forward to the real AWS IP. Sort of like a proxy.

Connection available after 1-2 minutes after launching an app without VPN and after 2 sec with vpn :\

PlayFab in a same time is not available at all.

Dylan, in what form you organized it? Popup window on start of the application? If yes, can you share the text as you say for your users it works well and they start using VPN. 

We dont start game promotion in Russia because of this problem. :(  

We've solved this with nginx websocket proxy. but this requires some bells and whistles(3-5 hard days) as well:

1. server must be reachable from Russia users and server must reach GS services as well ( some of cloud providers was also blocked (like Scaleway) so you can't proxy there, some of cloud providers can't reach GS from Russia) - the winner is Azure (but it's quite expensive)

2. you need to do some stuff and magic in client code like adding 'domain' and modify urls to route to your proxy server.

3. you need to detect 'that something goes wrong' - we've done it's just by measuring timeout ( 5-10 seconds) and after that 'ok, let's try proxy'

4. nginx setup is also 'funny' expirience :)


but at the end we have full working solution. 

Thanks Konstantin! We have 3rd point done only for the moment )). The rest I am agraid will be tough to deal - not enough bells and wistles we have left :-) 

They wanted to block one messenger (failed) but they hit and blocked  whole runet and dev (well done).  

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