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Achievement Triggers

 I'm creating achievements that award players for number of trips made. To that effect, I have created different events, one of each specific trip type which attributes that count how many trips of an specific type an user makes.


Here's an example of such an event:

After that, I configured my leaderboard like this:

After that, I created achievements with triggers like this:

Somewhere in my cloud code, I call the respective events:

var request = new SparkRequests.LogEventRequest();
            request.eventKey = "scoredAccelTrips";
            var response = request.SendAs(playerId);

The running totals are increased whenever I call this request,so I know this is working. But for some reason, when I check the player's DB entry, his achievement list is empty, despite the running totals reaching the necessary value for the achievement to trigger.
Is there something I'm missing?

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Sorry, some of the images did not got through.

Here's my leaderboard config:


And here's my achievement configuration:



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