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Boolean field in a object coming from Game Data Service does not evaluate correctly in a condition


We've come across a bug when getting an entry from the new GDS service. Evaluating a boolean field in the object directly in a condition statement seems to always evaluate as true even if the field is set to false.


var data1 = Spark.getGameDataService().getItem("data", 1).document().getData();
//data1 returns as { "boolValue" : false }

if (!data1.boolValue)
    Spark.getLog().debug("Yay!"); //Should do this since boolValue is false and we're negating it
    Spark.getLog().debug("Wut???"); //But does this instead

// this works normally
if (data1.boolValue != true)
var data2 = { "boolValue" : false }

// this also works normally
if (!data2.boolValue)

Step to reproduce:
1. Create an indexed type with no indexes.
2. Insert  { "boolValue" : false } with ID 1
3. Create an event and use the above code in a event
4. Use test harness to debug the event and observe the weird behaviour when stepping over the code.

We create a server where we've already put all the above steps. Let us know if you want the API key to go see it. We could also create a ticket for it if you'd like.

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Hi all,

I have investigated this issue today and was able to replicate the issue you are getting with booleans. They are indeed being taken in as objects.

The workaround for this behaviour would be to compare the value using (data.boolValue != true) as seen above. You could also compare the value to true when reading it in if you are expecting a boolean using:

var data = (Spark.getGameDataService().getItem("data", "1").document().getData().boolValue == true);

Apologies for the inconvenience. The issue has been noted and added to our backlog to be investigated.



Will GDS have boolean data types supported anytime in the future?

Super annoying behavior... I waste lot of time just because boolean returned from collections are packed into object shells...

There are more similar problems related with data serialization/deserialization in GameSparks:
* deserialized objects has not working hasOwnProperty method, it throws error "Cannot find default value for object",
* dynamically created strings throws "Can't serialize [...].javaScript.constString" or something similar.

For me right now works small workarounds:
* for deserialized objects I can use "JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(objectFromCollection))",
* for problems with string I use "String('My dynamically created text ' + myArg + '.').


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