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Cloud function return back to previous version


I am not using any version control of the cloud function. But there is a function in my Modules, it changes back to its old one after I modified it. It happened a few times already.


This is a long story. At first I create a function under Modules to handle player's currency. 

But I got mixed up with credit and debit so I went on and switch the two (Line 17 and line 23) then I hit save.

The next day I tested it again, it converted itself back to what it was. So I thought maybe I didn't save properly so I changed it again and saved. But this went on for a couple of times, until last night, I add two comments (Line 16 and line 22) and saved. This seems like save permanently for now.

So here is the flow:

originally I have

Line 17 -> debit

Line 23 -> credit

I changed it to

Line 17 -> Credit

Line 23 -> debit


Next day it went back to

Line 17 -> debit

Line 23 -> credit

I changed it back again and save

Repeat a few times

I added comments above the lines

This seems saved permanently 

(34.7 KB)

Hi Derek,

Could you go into more detail here please ? can you provide the steps to replicate what you are seeing here exactly ? 



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