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GameDataService: cannot call "getData" of null

I'm trying to implement something very similar to the documentation in Managing Data Persistence - Custom Data. However I'm getting this error cannot call "getData" of null. My cloud code:

    var clientTimeKey = Spark.getData().TimeKey;

    var API = Spark.getGameDataService();

    var entryObject = API.getItem("timeKey", clientTimeKey); // ("dataTypeName", "entryID")

    //If error attempting to retrieve entry

    if (entryObject.error())


        // need to add a new item

        entryObject = API.createItem("timeKey", clientTimeKey);

        var data = entryObject.getData();


        data.groupID = 1;

        data.count = 0;


        // entryObject.persistor().persist();



    var entry = entryObject.document();

    var data = entry.getData(); // cannot call "getData" of null;

If I can't retrieve the item then I attempt to create a new item - maybe this is my problem? I'm don't have much experience with js. Any help would be appreciated.


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I suggest you to read carefully this:
I had the same difficulty learning how the cloud code works and this helped me.


I did figure this out eventually. Reading the documentation I assumed I would get an error if the item was null, but that's not the case. I'm actually not sure what cases the error does catch.

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