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Anyone had success with generating a google play services token off-device and using in test harness?

Any of y'all out there ever had any success in generating a OAuth2 access code (using, for example,  a web hit to googles oauth2 url with an offline access_type) and using that resulting code in Test Harness in order to call GooglePlayConnectRequest event?

I can get a code easy enough - but when I attempt to use it with 
GooglePlayConnectRequest, I get an interesting error from GS (which they get from Google).  Any thoughts or advice?  thanks in advance!!@

            "domain": "global",
            "reason": "notFound",
            "message": "The requested player with ID  was not found."

I'm trying to go this route (instead of on-device) because I have a lot of experimenting and testing to do with various account scenarios - and using test harness is a hellofalot faster than iterating changes on-device.

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So I have had some success here - except when using my managed google domain account, I get the above error.  My personal gmail account works just fine.  Have not found a reason/solution as yet

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