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Sorting leaderboards in the drop downs from Leaderboard Manage Screen


In Game/Manage/Leaderboard (or in gs-snippet snippet="leaderboards_main_menu" to be more precise) is there a way to sort the leaderboard partitions shown in the drop downs?

I select the leaderboard I want to manage, then I have a giant list of partitions in the drop down and they are unsorted. Now that the list has over 200 entries (and growing daily) it is really hard to spot the partition I'm looking for. 

A good old alpha sorting would be incredibly helping...



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Hi Alain,

The manage screens are fully customisable so if you don't like how that particular screen is loading partitions you could just into the snippet in question and change it to what you need. For example you could add a text box to query for a particular partition or you could load the 10 most recent partitions.



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