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Chat not working as expected in Unity3d Update player session

 Hello fellow gamesparkers!

Having an issue with chat working. I went and followed along on the demo version of unity tanks. I am able to send messages in a sense.

So, my problem is this.

Player A logins to the game, when the user logs in the user is auto add to the lobby match. This is where all players join in the start. Player A was logged in on the unity editor. Player B login on a android build of the game. Now 2 players are added to the main lobby room chat. Player A opens up chat and just leaves it open not message sent. Player B opens chat and for some strange reason there is like 20 empty messages from Player A in the chat blank ones. Player B sends a chat Player A never sees it. However if Player A sends a chat Player B sees it.

I feel like this might be an issue with PlayerA not getting a session update with the newly added player. Could this be the case.

I keep getting blank message reciveved returned in Unity3d, and when Player B sends a message the Message Recieved shows up with the message but I dont think the player is in PlayerA session info.

foreach (RTSessionInfo.RTPlayer player in GameSparksManager.instance.GetSessionInfo().GetPlayerList())

Is there a way to update this?? I feel like Player A didnt get the updated player list. I just hope there not in different sessions but Player B can see player A and Player As messages.

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