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Disconnection doesnt work

Hi, I'm having a similar session disconnect problem. Im following the gamesparks real time multiplayer example. I have a game that takes two players. (player 1 and player 2 for this example)

Both search for a game

When match found game starts

Then when either player desconnects - lets asume in this case player 1 (shuts application down) I call GameSparksManager.Instance ().GetRTSession ().Disconnect ();

and send the player that didnt disconnect (player 2) to the lobby scene.

now player 1 starts game again, searches for match and gets match found message

but when player 2 searches for match, it doesnt find a match. just keeps searching for match.

I also tried kicking player through cloud code but same effect.

So What I asume I need is to destroy the match session because the call to GameSparksManager.Instance ().GetRTSession.Disconnect () i thinks leaves the session open and linked to a player.

Any comments on how can I go about this?

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Hi, did you find an answer to this?  I'm having the same issue in that the session doesn't get destroyed and is still linked to the players even though they've dropped out.

I cant be too helpful without a code example, but from what I've read a realtime session will destroy itself once all players have disconnected.

If the players are still linked to the session they have not left the session.

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