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Game Config, Dynamic Forms and current philosophy


I would like to ask what is current philosophy of holding game configs in GameSparks? By game config, I mean JSON files containing some static data, like board size, or respawn time. 

What I would like to achieve:

1) Be able to edit config conveniently via custom Dynamic Forms

2) Be able to copy config files between environments (dev -> test -> live, via snapshots)

First thing that comes to mind are MetadataCollections, but since deprecation of RuntimeCollection most of MetadataCollection API was scrapped - methods like update are no longer available, making it impossible to change collections from Cloud Code / Dynamic Forms.

Properties are next thing that comes to mind, but they also do not provide API for write actions via cloud code / dynamic forms - it is read only, and changes can be made only in JSON which is not sufficient in our case.

The last one, Data Types - It can be flexible but do not offer any tool for migrating data between environments, forcing to create custom tools to migrate game data from environment to environment.

My question is - which approach for editing (Dynamic Forms) and migrating (Snapshots) game configs should I take? Existing tutorials in documentation refers to MetadataCollections, but they are depricated (using methods that are no longer available for Metadata's -

Best Regards

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