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GDPR Compliance

Hi, We're closing in on the enforcement day of GDPR. Are you ready? Best regards, Jonas Johansson

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Hi! I'm interested in this as well as all of us do. Personally thinking - I'm not a lawyer though - the data collected by GS is essentially anonymus as you don't have any way to associate a GS user id with a real person. Maybe aside from the location data - provided ex. by leaderboard scores. However if you collect user data elsewhere with maybe an e-mail address and store the GS user id as well, then that is different. Correct me if I'm wrong! I'm really in the dark with all this just trying to figure out how to handle all this. Thanks for any advise!

Hi Rwd World,

If you, like me, use Steam to authenticate the user then GameSparks will store the Steam player name and geolocation coordinates (as looked up by IP) in the System.player collection.

Steam player name

It seems possible to link the Steam player name to a real person so I would see that as personal information. I'm not sure yet whether to judge that as something necessary for my business to run or if I'll have to collect explicit and clear consent from the user before authenticating the user using Steam in GameSparks.

Geolocation coordinates

I don't think it's acceptable that geolocation coordinates are being stored by default and I've contacted GameSparks and asked them to remove it. They say it's built into the system and can't be turned off. They asked if I had looked at the COPPA credentials, but from what I can tell that removes the possibility to authenticate with external providers, which I'm guessing includes Steam. I need Steam. I don't need geolocation coordinates.

Ultimately, I (and other developers) are responsible for any data collected on their users. I hope GameSparks can help out here (or in my support ticket). Otherwise I'll unfortunately have to terminate the service to protect my users.

Thank you for getting back! I've just checked the player collection and asode from geolocation there is the google id and e-mail too unfortunately. No question here. The thing is that this is all internal workings that can not be changed buy us and should not be hacked. So I think GS should provide services for us on their collected data in a secure way ofcourse and as they has been bought by Amazon I assume they will in time. But they being in time won't make us be in time as well with our part of the service. Please post a summary here if you get a reasonable answere on your ticket. Thanks again!

Following. This would be great to know as I am also concerned about this.

Yeah, is there an option to not record the IP or other personal information from them?

Hi all,

We are currently working on some FAQ documentation in relation to GDPR and GameSparks. When it's completed I'll let everyone know. If you have specific questions about it just raise a ticket.



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I've come to the conclusion that I have to stop using GameSparks for the time being, as I need to be sure my company and products are GDPR compliant ahead of the enforcement day a month from now.

I'll stay tuned for further information from the GameSparks team, as I find the service useful and would very much like to continue using it.

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Any updates?

Should we stop using GS as it might not be GDPR compliant?

That seems to be what is ahead of us too.

Hi all,

The documentation should be live early next week. Apologies for the delay but it is quite a complex document as you can imagine. Once it's up I'll report back. You guys can then read through it and raise tickets for any specific issues that you feel you need to.



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Any update on this? We're also worried about what GDPR might mean for our Gamesparks game and it's cutting it a little close for comfort in terms of the May 25th deadline.

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay. It should be up quite soon and cover all related concerns.



Any update on this please?



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11 days left before GDPR kicks in... 
Any news?

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Hi all,

You can find the document around player data management here. Apologies for the delays.



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