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Voting based leaderboards

Voting based leaderboards


I wanted to build a leaderboard where the points are influenced by other players' votes (Much like Reddit or Imgur). I'd like for a player to submit something they found funny and the leaderboard entry would have 1 vote. Other users can vote up or down on that entry causing it to move accordingly on the leaderboard.


Does GameSparks support this through their leaderboard or should I make my own custom system for this?


If your event has an attribute and it's "Default Aggregation Type" is set to "Grouped" you can then set the Grouping on the leaderboard for that attribute to "ID". This means multiple scores can be posted to the leaderboard as long as a unique "ID" is supplied. Does that sound like it would work for you ?



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Sure you can.

Leaderboards can use event parameters as inputs with calculations on them.

So I'd have an event to upvote or downvote content. In the event I'd verify the that upvote or downvote is valid. Then within the event (from cloud code), I would call another event that the device credential is not authorized to call (so user's can't scam and post whatever vote count they want). The parameter would be like "voteCount" and you could submit +1 for upvote and -1 for downvote, and have the leaderboard use a SUM on that value (or any other complicated logic on top of that).

But can a player have multiple entries in a leaderboard?

To be clear, Let's say a Leaderboard has 3 entries, 2 of them are mine.

Woohoo! It works! Thank you both!

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