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How to view all calls to the server in one log?


Is there a way to setup a view to see all the calls to the server?

Basically, I want to be able to see what interactions are happening with the server- any cloud code interactions, logins/authentications, etc..

Can I see this log and sort by time in some default view? If not, how do I create this?

Thanks for the help!


Hi Drew,

The API Stream should give you what you need here. You can read more about this here.



thanks for the response!

For whatever reason, my AuthenticationRequest is failing when sent from an Android device - but the same request works perfectly fine from the PC build.

I've reviewed the API Stream, thank you for sharing that, and I can see the request coming in and being rejected - but I can't determine why?
The username displayed is accurate - and the password is starred out "***". Is there a way to remove this starred out password to verify the correct password is being sent in?

If not, why would the Android request fail but PC request work? Any ideas? SAme username and password is being sent - and I'm logging on the Android device and checking logcat - I'm definitely sending in the right un/pw combo...




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