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[Unreal] Next Gamesparks 4.19 Update ETA?

Sorry for being a little bit impatient, and seeing that your GitHub is no longer active, I just wanted to ask if you have an estimated release date for the 4.19 upgrade?  

And, besides UE Marketplace will there still be a way to manually access the release?


Would it be enough to edit the version number in my existing plugin folder?

Any estimate yet? Thanks.

Hey, I have 4.19 working by following this guide:

I specifically followed the SDK Download and Setup section, seems to be working so far.


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This really needs to be updated on the UE4 Marketplace for 4.19.

The 4.18 version actually has some bugs in it that was fixed in the 4.19 version in the Gamesparks repo.

My marketplace product, FPS Battle Royale Template, currently depends on this plugin and if it is not updated soon, I will have to divert my time to changing pretty much everything about my project in terms of networking, matchmaking, etc. so I can support 4.19.

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We've sent Epic the new build since we've updated it a few weeks ago. We will remind them.



Since 24 days have passed since last answer; do you have any info about 4.19 build? We desperately need it?


The bitbucket version of the SDK can be used with 4.19. You can grab it from here in the meantime.



But it's not precompiled for Blueprint-Only Projects @Liam

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Exactly. We don't want to change our blueprint project to C++ either. It gave us lots of problems before and we don't want to do it again. Any ETA on Launcher version please?

 I compiled it myself, here's the Google Drive link. No need for C++ with this. 


 Any update on this for the marketplace?

I just received a comment from the Epic team saying that the 4.19 plugin update that was submitted with the Gamesparks team had errors, and they have not yet received a functional version.

Can the Gamesparks team provide an update on this?

Thank you

I would really appreciate if Gamesparks would provide again a compiled version for Unreal Engine blueprint only projects. Thank you!

Any updates on this? Seeing as 4.20 is around the corner with Preview 5 being available right now.

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