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Can i use "Mulitplayer", even if game is not turn based?

I have read the documentation, Sorry, but i still cannot understand whether to go for multiplayer or realtime. this is my first time using gamespark.

I am making a game, where each user will be given a task to complete. Same task to all users and at the same time.

for example, a task is to fill 10 buckets of water.

i want to create an open match, that anyone can join or leave , and after 10 minutes i need to start the match. 

There will be no communication or interaction among users. I just need to keep track of each user's progress in task, and stop the game when any user completes the task.

So it is not turn based, can it be implemented using Multiplayer mechanism of Gamesparks API. From what i understand from documentation is that the game needs to be turn based.


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You could use a challenge leaderboard for this. Your players can submit scores and the first one to post a target score can win the challenge. You can read more about this here.



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