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Data Explorer query returns nothing

I created a data type PLAYER with CITY field, after that I added two players with Insert tab in Data Explorer. I can find both players by Id, but any Query returns nothing. I thied with no rules, rules with some CITY fields (they definilety exists). That i am doing wrong?

Hi Vladimir,

If you've got the city field created then it is indexed and will be queryable. What query are you using here exactly ?




Thanks for the quick response!

I attached two screenshots with query example in Data Explorer.

I also tried get query with followed cloud code:

var API = Spark.getGameDataService();

// Tried two variants

1) var condition = API.S("CITY").eq("New York")

2) var condition = API.S("CITY").ne("some random string")

var query = API.queryItems("PLAYER", condition);


    //Output error script

    Spark.setScriptError("ERROR", query.error());

    //Stop execution of script


} else{

    //Create empty object

    var entryOBJ = {};

    //While there are still entries in the cursor retrieved from query


        //Get the entry

        entry = query.cursor().next();

        //Populate object with the entries. key = entry ID

        entryOBJ[entry.getId()] = entry.getData();


    //Return entries via scriptData

    Spark.setScriptData("data", entryOBJ);


My data field in response always empty.

(74.5 KB)
(126 KB)

Hi Vladimir,

I think the data type path is not configured correctly here. Can you change the path for "CITY" to "CITY" and try the query again please ?



Yea, it works! Thank you very much.

I used this Adding a Game Data Index tutorial and therein Short Code and Path are different. This confused me. Perhaps a remark is needed that they should be the same.



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