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Trying to understand why the Hearthstone tutorial stores cards on GameSpark.

The very beginning of the tutorial populates a bunch of JSON cards with things like name, rarity, attack, health, cost, etc but I can't see why this data should be stored in GameSparks. Is the idea that you just get all of these cards in one API call in the unity client and then do what you will with the data there? Because if I make an API call to GameSparks every time I need to make or reference data about a card, the 5000/MAU API limit is going to dry up quickly. Why shouldn't this static data be stored locally?

This tutorial is referenced a lot, but there are some confusing snippets that make me wonder what code goes on GameSparks and what code goes on Unity. Also, what is the NoSQL tab called now? The tutorial references it but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. 

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