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Engine-independent C++ Code


I'm new to GameSparks but really curious and eager to learn.  However, looking at the examples and tutorials, I noticed that they seem to be tied to Unity or some other engine I don't use and tend to be advanced rather than simple.  I would really love to go through an example that is very basic, very minimal, and engine-independent.

I'm familiar and comfortable with Steam, with functions like SteamNetworking()->SendP2PPacket (and have made some mini games using this) and would love a simple example that sends data back and forth between the GameSparks server and one or more players, preferably structs.  Is something like this available right now?

I haven't downloaded the SDK yet but that's next and maybe there will be an example there that will cover this.  If so, please feel free to disregard.

Thank you.

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It looks like a combination of sample07Realtime.cpp in the samples folder and some other information might be what I was looking for.  I'll keep searching but I do suggest adding an super simple, independent, one-shot tutorial for those who don't use Unity, Unreal or the other specific engines that have examples.  Thank you.


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