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Help with game architecture

Hello everyone!

I recently started my first multiplayer game but  i have some questions and i hope you can give me some advices :) I am using Unity3d

Little about my game project:

Its a card collectable game. Each card have 5 stats: name, hit points, attack points, defense points and speed. However I want to implement a game mechanic that each player  can customize further his cards with 4 additional skills(some passives, heals, auras, etc). Its gona be something like 100 base cards + 100 skills. Each card can have a maximum of 4 skills. Every player will construct a deck of 5 cards and battle with them. The battle will be a turn based. 

How and where to store the card, skill, and deck information for the best performace and security in different scenes(deck construction, cards upgrade and arena battle)? 

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