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What is the difference between the 1,2,3,4,5,6 currencies and the other currency?:



Thanks for the reply. 

Not that I know of but I have not used virtual good much, they are very static.

So, it is not possible to do 'combination of currencies to purchase virtual good' using BuyVirtualGoodsRequest?

To do something like that I would use an event using something like.


var player = Spark.getPlayer();
var playerCurrencies = player.getAllBalances().named;

var virtualGood = Spark.getConfig().getVirtualGood(shortCode);
var costs = virtualGood.getCurrencyCosts();

for(var cost in costs){
    var currency = cost;
    var currencyCost = costs[cost];
    if(playerCurrencies[currency] < currencyCost){
        Spark.setScriptData("NotEnoughCurrency", currency);

for(var cost in costs){
    var currency = cost;
    var currencyCost = costs[cost];
    player.debit(currency, currencyCost, reason);


oh okay. Here is my query. What if I want the user to purchase the virtual good with a combination of 2 currencies.

Let's say for purchasing some 'Equipment' user need to spend 'x' number of Currency1 and 'y' number of Currency2.

How will I achieve this??


But when testing it in Test Harness how could I include these two currencies.


  "@class": ".BuyVirtualGoodsRequest",

  "currencyShortCode": "CURRENCY_1",

  "quantity": 1,

  "shortCode": "BRONZE_COIN"


Because, when I included any of those one currency (Currency1/Currency2) itself. I can able to purchase the item. How could I test it to purchase an item with a combination of two virtual currency?

Hey Saravana? this looks like a link to a ticket, these aren't public.

@Chase Wilksch => Finally got an idea about this currencies.  Will you take a look at this query and reply about your view 

They are just different currencies. 

Can anyone explain me about this? I'm also stuck on this part?>

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