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Facebook Instant Games - Lack of support for registration and authorization by Facebook Signature

Hello there,

I would like to rise a huge problem with current lack of support for new, growing Facebook platform - Instant Games in Messenger. 

Main problem is caused by differences in authorization in Instant Games and standard Facebook user access token

Current Facebook integration in GameSparks only supports user access tokens and short-lived authorization code. In Instant games developers have access only to signature and player ID, which is not sufficent to use in FacebookConnectRequest. We were trying to find workaround through custom Cloud Code but to no avail.

Is there there any tips or workarounds to authorize players playing Facebook Instant Games in GameSparks? If not, is there any ETA for support of Facebook Instant Games?

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I would really like to know this as well.

Hi Marcin,

I'm not overly familiar with the Instant Games in Messenge platform. Are you saying it doesn't return a token or code that can be used with the FacebookConnectRequest ? Only a signature ? Do you have a link to the specific documentation around this signature that you can retrieve via the messenger game ?



Yes, Instant Games use signature (base64 encoded JSON file with checksum calculated from this JSON and Facebook application secret - HMAC256). Right now we figure out how use it to authorize, but will be nice to get ready to use method without writing extra code and passing extra arguments or preparing even more complicated workarounds. Right now we have working compact version which sends Instant Game player id as user name, empty password and signature in script data trough regular authenticate/registers methods and this data is verified by small script in register and authenticate request scripts.


Documentation is available there (require access to open beta):

We can also provide working custom cloud code for register and authenticate requests as example. ;)

Hello there!
Any updates?

Hi Guys,

Not yet I'm afraid. I'll run this by our dev team and get it logged as a feature request.



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Any news on this feature ?


any news on this?

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