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Uploading screenshots accessable with external Link

Hi GS team, I today had the launch of my first application, Fort Designer ( Around 3k people were using it on the first day. I do consider this a major success as it‘s just a hobby project and wouldn’t have been possible without GS. Thank you so much! Progressing further in development, I have a requirement of which I don’t know if its possible with GS. My application allows creating and sharing of buildings. I use GS to store a JSON containing the building data and an ID where the building can be accessed. I want to implement an additional feature where I want to upload a screenshot of the building when storing the data at GS. My special requirement is now: It would be fantastic if the users could access this screenshot outside of my unity application, e.g. via a link. My idea is that when a user posts a „share“-Link, the screenshot is accessed by the metadata and displayed in apps like twitter or facebook. I hope this is understandable, looking forward for your response. Thanks! Axel

Please excuse the formatting. I wrote this text on my iPad. There seems to be an issue with the forum. Test new line Test new Line

Thats great to hear Axel!
Best of luck with your project.

Yes, you can use GameSparks to upload images and share it with your players.
I've linked two tutorial below on how you can achieve this.

Let us know if you need anything else.


thanks a lot for your response.

The more I think of it, the more I feel I communicated the wrong requirement.
What I actually want to do, is access GS Data from a website without User Authentication and outside of my actual game.
E.g. I call a website with a specific ID in the GET Parameters, and receive a database entry, like a player profile.

I assume I could use the Javascript SDK, but I'm wondering what would be your recommended approach for that? Is that even allowed?


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