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Unity iOS simulator Crash


App keeps crashing on startup on Websocket open (gamesparks) on latest sdk release and Unity 2017.3.0p2.

Anyone experiencing this issue?

Thanks in advance for any assitence given.


Hi Eduardo,

What version of our SDK are you using here ?



Hey Liam,

Thanks for the feedback. Verified on and
Leaving stack trace attached. Hope you can shed some light on the issue.
Thanks once again



Hi, I am working on the same project that Eduardo and I have the same problem. The problem occurs on the following line

il2cpp_codegen_initialize_method (GameSparksWebSocket_Open_m1979435849_MetadataUsageId);

I've also activated the debug flag in the GameSparks settings and on the Unity editor the logs with the connection appear and on the simulator, no log is sent to the console, so my guess is that the error happens when the connection is open.

Did anyone else had the same problem with GameSparks and the Xcode simulator?

Is there any more info that we can send in order to help to figure out what is the problem?

Best regards

Tiago Pascoal

I am having the same exact issue. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Unity: 2017.4.17

GameSparks SDK:

Thank you,


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