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Is it possible to generate MongoDB ObjectIDs in cloud code?

Hi, is there a way to generate MongoDB ObjectIDs in cloud code? For use in subdocuments/subobjects stored inside an array inside a top-level MongoDB document.

Something like this, from the NodeJS MongoDB driver:

var ObjectID = require('mongodb').ObjectID;

var generatedId = new ObjectID();

Can't find any cloud code method to do that, but I might have missed it.


I'll let GS support answer for certainty, but I'm pretty sure no.

We just use a Redis key as an auto incrementing counter as suggested in their docs:

var uniqueId = Spark.getRedis().incr("uniqueId");


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We use this to generate object ids:


function objectId (now)
    var timestamp = ((now || (new Date()).getTime()) / 1000 | 0).toString(16);

    return timestamp + 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'.replace(/[x]/g, function() {
        return (Math.random() * 16 | 0).toString(16);


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Thanks, that seems like a good workaround.

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