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Challenge friend to a game

 Hello, Im having a hard time understanding how matches/challenges work and how to implement them in the cloud.

What I need to accomplish is the following:

  • I have a friend list so I can send a challenge to another friend inside my friend list. When I create a challenge the user can set a like a bet. The winner takes that bet.
  • I have a challenges tab so I need to get all the challenges that are pending.
  • The game is a words game so the user who gets the higher score is the one who wins the challenge.

I dont understand if I can only send a challenge request to other using using his userId or if I need to create a match then add a challenge. Also the documentations and tutorials on how to fill in the challenges in the cloud is not very clear and I couldnt found any reference on how to achieve the logic in cloud code.

Can someone give me hand on how to do this?. Thanks.

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