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Send message to potentially a million players at once

We are making a game where we want to be able to host tournaments where all players can join. Thus we need to send message to all players online to indicate the start of a tournament and the end of the tournament.

What's the limitation of messaging for gamespark. Also we probably want to schedule a cloud code to send the messages. However I noticed there's a limitation of 1 sec of execution time for cloud code, which I assume won't be enough to send this many messages.

What would be the best option for our game?


Hi Stephen,

You could achieve this by using a bulkJob that targets a certain group of players. See this guide for more details. A bulkjob is executed in the context of the players that are returned in the playerQuery when creating it. It would make sense to use the playerQuery to target a specific group of your most active players first, then do another job to handle the rest if required at that point. I hope that makes sense.



Thanks for the solution. What about any limitation of bulkJobs? what's the max number of players for the target? Is there execution time limit on the bulkJob since a bulkJob targeting massive number of players gonna take long time. Or is bulk jobs a distrributed operation that doesn't have these limits?

Thanks you!


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