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GameDataService: Multiple Conditions and Retrieving all the Data

Hi there,

I'm trying to understand new GDS service. I have 2 questions.

First question is how can we use multiple conditions and sorts. Following code is for single condition which works but what about multiple.


//this is for single condition
var query = API.S("createdat").ne(1);
var sort = API.sort("createdat", true);
var resultsOBJ = API.queryItems(dataName, query, sort);


The second question is how can i retrieve all the results without any condition. I tried with following code but it didnt work.

var resultsOBJ = API.queryItems(dataName);

Please advise


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To answer your question about multiple conditions, the SparkDataCondition has boolean operators. I think the format would look like:

API.S("createdat").ne(1).and( API.S("secondindex").eq("abc") ); ...etc

I also would like to know how to retrieve all items from a dataType.


I also would like to know how to retrieve all items from data service. I don't like this workaround of .ne("any value it may never have")

You can perform an empty query using 'queryItems(dataType, null, sort)'. Bear in mind that a maximum of 100 items will be returned from a query.



queryItems(dataType, null, sort)  does not work.

This is the error:

"@class": ".LogEventResponse",
  "error": {
    "ERROR": "Player might not exist, please check userName again"

@Daniele, seems like you're using some code from

Perhaps check the value of resultOBJ.error() or make sure the other aspects of your query are working as expected.

Here's how I got multiple conditions to work in my code:

var condition = API.N("ID").gt(startIndex - 1);

condition.and(API.N("ID").lt(startIndex + 25));

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