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GameDataService: Multiple Conditions and Retrieving all the Data

Hi there,

I'm trying to understand new GDS service. I have 2 questions.

First question is how can we use multiple conditions and sorts. Following code is for single condition which works but what about multiple.


//this is for single condition
var query = API.S("createdat").ne(1);
var sort = API.sort("createdat", true);
var resultsOBJ = API.queryItems(dataName, query, sort);


The second question is how can i retrieve all the results without any condition. I tried with following code but it didnt work.

var resultsOBJ = API.queryItems(dataName);

Please advise


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Here's how I got multiple conditions to work in my code:

var condition = API.N("ID").gt(startIndex - 1);

condition.and(API.N("ID").lt(startIndex + 25));

@Daniele, seems like you're using some code from

Perhaps check the value of resultOBJ.error() or make sure the other aspects of your query are working as expected.

queryItems(dataType, null, sort)  does not work.

This is the error:

"@class": ".LogEventResponse",
  "error": {
    "ERROR": "Player might not exist, please check userName again"

You can perform an empty query using 'queryItems(dataType, null, sort)'. Bear in mind that a maximum of 100 items will be returned from a query.



I also would like to know how to retrieve all items from data service. I don't like this workaround of .ne("any value it may never have")

To answer your question about multiple conditions, the SparkDataCondition has boolean operators. I think the format would look like:

API.S("createdat").ne(1).and( API.S("secondindex").eq("abc") ); ...etc

I also would like to know how to retrieve all items from a dataType.


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