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Profile Pictures in Team Chats

Hello all, 

So i was wondering what's the better way to implement this, the .ListTeamChatResponse() contains "fromId, id, message, when, who" 

I would need to add another string called profilePicture to store the name of the picture, to be able to load it in unity (knowing its name). Or maybe is better to create and event and send the players ids and get back their profilePictures? (i store the profile pictures as strings in each player runtimeCollection)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Sure, we do not use System.players collection for this. We created runtime collection named playerData which is linked to each player and there we store or extra info about players eg. portraitId.

thanks for your answers Jan, Is there any way to do that with information stored in a runtime collection se instead of PlayerData?

This is exactly what I was already asking here. In the end I solved it by not modifying ListTeamChatReponse at all, as I did not found any way how to add or modify returned fields ( like the "fromId,message, who...etc"). Instead of it I am storing the profile picture separately with playerData and when chat message arrive I just link the ID of a sender with an ID of a TeamMember I already know and his Profile picture. The advantage of this is also that if a TeamMember change his profilePicture it is propagated to all past messages. In your case it wont be as the picture is stored with the message itself.

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