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Allow us to GetScriptData() in requests

 Currently, and not very intuitively, you can't get ScriptData from the normal method. You can, however, get Spark.getData().scriptData.whatever

It's there -- so may as well let us get it the intuitive way via Spark.GetData()

if (request)

  return getData().scriptData.whatever

If the SD is truly somewhere else behind-the-scenes, just detect if it's a request and redirect that data to us.

It's a little thing, but it's more than just convenience -- it's for new people, too. This was another thing that I wish I knew long ago. I must have spent hours trying to figure out why my sd wasn't showing up in a req. The answer was making a ticket and having you guys tell me :P

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Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the feedback. We'll pass it on for you.



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