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Real world example of using the new Game Data Services

I am using GameSparks for three months now and slowly I learned how to use is properly.

And now I am trying to get my head around the new Game Data Services as the run time collections are deprecated.

However all tutorials are using the 'old' way and have links to the Data Type Explorer.

Which raises more questions than solutions. Or maybe I am too dumb.

Just like the concept of creating your own unique ID. Why is that not automatically done?

The risk to use a duplicate ID will cause dramatic issues to our data.

And where does the data being stored? In mongo you can browse your collections to see how it's structured. 

As I've invested a lot of time to get into GameSparks, I hate to learn something new without proper manuals or tutorials.

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Some missing features are discussed here:

Lets make GameSparks great again!

@Daniel Matejka

I read your post... It's the only post within 13 days since the new Game Data Service is launched.

Therefore I had to put up a question(s) myself.

As it has me **** up for too much valuable time.

And yeah! Love GameSparks... but please don't introduce new stuff without proper documentation. Or at least say it's not ready for production.

Think about it... if you're new to GameSparks right now... Where would you begin? You just leave it looking for something else...

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