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questions about humanroid animation and weapon shooting sync


 Hi, guys, Im fairly new to this awesome product, after couple of days research online, I have not found too much about getting the following things clear, here i am not asking for full solutions as i know everybody might be busy, but a bit hint or tips would be very appreciated!

  1. Lets say in a TPS game, each of human player plays animation all the time and clearly the "hitboxes" are attached on bodyparts, that make the sync of the animation importance.What is the best practice in syncing animation with the gamesparks?
  2. what about ragdoll? My best guess is a stationary ragdoll does not need to sync , but how about when a ragdoll is interacting with environments ? eg.. when a player shoots a ragdoll or a vehicle is bumping on top of it?
  3. Another concern is about high firing rate weapon shooting like a minigun, can not amagine each of bullets fired very rapidly and are all synced through out the party, that would be sure unacceptable. My current idea is sending the data for twice, one for open fire, another for the trigger release, and all players create bullets with intervals that corresponds to the firing rate of that weapon, the question is ,would that be accurately reflect the realistic?
  4. Serverside raycasting? if one player shoot at a given angle and pos, who would be the role determine whom would be hit? if the server act the key role and determine who will be shot and damaged, how does the cloud code calculate the bullet trajectory or hit detection?
  5. The last question is if i'd like to build a large party which is more than 60 players, what is the best strategy to reduce the traffic density ? selectively ignore updates between players far away from each other? or by environment/obstacle occlusion(suppress coms between players that can not see eachother)? should client handle this part of job or the could code is capable in doing such task?

These are fairly a lot to ask, my appology, if anyone would like to through some pennies into it, you are more than welcome! Thanks !

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