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Indie license reply

Hello, I've applied for the indie license but never got a reply. I send it over 10 days ago. My email is Thank you.)

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Hi Nikolaj,

Can you check you spam folders for follow up emails from our sales team ? They should have reached out to you by now.



No. I just have one message about my registration with some service navigation help, one apologise ("Earlier today we accidently sent you an activation email for GameSparks"), and then one promotion message. I think Gamesparks is very good and helpful tool for a game development, but because of I didn't get this message, I can't publish my game.(

Can you help me?

Thank you.

Hi Nikolaj,

I'll follow up with the sales team on this and have them reach out to you.



Sorry, but I'm still didn't get indie license accept message. Can you say, how much time I need to wait? Or I need to create new account and wait ten days again?
Thank you.

hi , I did not receive any message about the indie license . I applied more than 10days ago.

the game it almost finnish , and will like to publish it

hi, I have the same problem

I applied more than a week

Hi, I have the same problem. Could you check it please:

Hi folks. I have the same problem too. It has been more than a month. Could you please chect it.

Hello, I am having the same problem. Could you please check:

Hi Game Sparks Team,

I didn't received any mails from sales team so far. Checked spams folder too. It has been around a month. I am having similar scenario with my game like everyone having in previous messages. Could you please help me out in getting approval of indie license.
My registered email id is

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