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Leaderboard depending on rank on other leaderboards

I want to create a Leaderboard based on the player's rank on other Leaderboards.

I already have a partition leaderboard that contains the level-complete-time of all levels. And I want to give players score based on their rank. ( e.g. 100pt. for rank #1, 10pt. for rank #90.) And I want to have a separate leaderboard that is based on the sum of all points.

Someone has asked this question a year ago, but no one answers, and I am having a hard time trying to figure out the solution.

I thought of calculating the leaderboard with only events and cloud-code, but that will takes more and more time if I expand the no. of partitions in the leaderboard. I thought of adding a custom parameter for the score, but I can't find a good way to update that parameter. Maybe running-totals-leaderboard is the solution? But I just couldn't understand how to use it in the situation.

Does anyone knows the proper solution for this situation?


EDIT ; I am now trying to calculate the score every minute (with the schedule feature), and update it to the collection for later uses. But I couldn't use SparkRequests in the scheduled script, and using Spark.getleaderboards is impossible to calculate the score because it can't return a score without knowing the user's ID.

Any idea for how to solve it

Problem solved. Using SparkRequest.SendAs solves the problem. Sorry for interrupting.

However I still wonder if there's a better solution to this issue, I feel like I am taking the dumb's method 

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