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How to start Challenge game like match based

Hello, i successfully made realtime duel mode by matchmaking function, it's awesome function. Then, made basic challenge functions in my game, like: private CreateChallengeRequest to player from the GS and listeners ChallengeIssuedMessage, ChallengeStartedMessage, ChallengeDeclinedMessage etc... Listeners works fine.

But, i don't know what to do next. How to start unity game scene with challenge based participant data ? I could not find any tutorial for this and read docs few hours.

Please help my friends.

Forget to say, I'm using Realtime functions.

Problem was, i didn't know how to start RT engine from challengeStarted response. Problem solved by simply creating new MatchRequest on ChallengeStarted response and add custom query (two player id's from challenge) and we achieve RT players connectivity. Close challenge in that way also.

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