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More information about the new Data Types feature

I was stumped when I found out that the server-data framework was so changed. I'd like to get the grasp of how this change will affect the game I'm developing, which relies heavily on server data?

* What kind of data fits the best with the Data Type feature?

    - Immutable data (like item definitions) or data that changes with time (like player inventory)?

    - The data is global across the game or is stored for each logged in player individually?

* What is exactly the feature that went obsolete?

    - Meta or runtime collections?

* Are old collections still usable?

    - And for what amount of time will old collections be still usable before the new feature replaces it over?

Thanks, best regards.

Hi Altivasoft, 

Static data has always been handled via MetaCollections. That is still the same with the Game Data Service. You can create MetaCollections via the Add button in the Data Explorer. There is also a UI for Runtime Collections although these are only available to games that were made pre update. 

You can query entries by id, they are available for query so long as the player performing the query has the id, or is querying for the specific value or range. 

Runtime Collections have been deprecated and you will now define JSON explicitly. We have also reduced the available queries, encouraging users to design performant, scalable data. 

Games utilizing the old api are not in any rush to migrate as we will be supporting it for next few years, by which time a migration protocol will likely be defined. 

Best regards, Patrick. 

This response is actual very useful for us devs to know. Wasn't very clear on what features was going through the Game Data Service update.
So if i understood things right....
The update affects only "Runtime Collections". Metacollections and System collections accessed through the API still remain the same. Am I correct?

Insert now is Upsert only by ID and is the only way to persist, if I have not misunderstood. Does this mean that we can not update any other field other than ID?

Hi, i have an editor of game data which is need to be downloaded (insert or update item) to server by pressing key. How can i insert items to metaData from Unity3d ?  Or what i need to use to make it work. Data is not user specific - game level maps. Thanks in advance

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