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GameDataService: Support for Date, Geo and other fields

Hi there,

First of all, great work on GDS service, its a very neat feature. However i noticed that it only support 2 data types string and number.

Is there going to be support for boolean, datetime, geo and other datatype or not?

In case we need fields such as DateTime, should we use old Runtime Collection feature?


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Hi Ali,

It's not part of the initial release but it may be something that gets added in the future. We'll certainly run it by the product team for you. Do you have any specific use cases in mind here for these or other types ? 



Well, DateTime is really important as we show weekly events entered by an admin in the backend. Currently, this could be achieved with RuntimeCollections but we prefer new Service.

As for GeoObjects, its just a feature request as now a days we see a lot of location based games and this could come in handy for showing users near me etc.


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You can represent a DateTime as a Unix timestamp, then just convert in code. That way, you can store the dates as integers.

Thanks Jason :) it solves the problem

however official support will let us see human readable dates on backen side.

I also have a feature request for Geo data type to make efficient spatial queries.


Thanks guys. All of this feedback is being passed on to the product team for review. Keep it coming !



any update to this?

I am personally scared by the deprecation of MongoDB. I mean, only 2 datatypes? No atomic operations? (e.g. update 2 fields atomically like I could do with the mongo method 'update"...

Makes me consider rolling my own backend using AWS directly again... Hope you guys are reconsidering all these limitations.

Hey guys- is $nearSphere no longer supported, via queries in the GDS? Looks like Gamesparks used to support it via runtimeCollection. It might make me look elsewhere for a product that can support geohash queries. I really need geospatial lookups :-/ I saw Firebase has something called GeoFire, there are probably some other products out there though...

Hi guys,

I confirm the date type would is really missing from the data types and we would really like to see this implemented.
This can have a lot of use case.

For example, this is something I couldn't achieve due to this restriction: searching for entries in the GameDataService using queryItems function on an admin screen using a gs-query on a date, which doesn't seem to be possible at the moment since the date data type isn't supported.

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