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Platform Release 2018-02-02

 Hi Everyone,

Today's release announcement is all about our new Game Data Service, which has been designed with maintaining your game's performance and stability under high player loads very much in mind. Here's a summary of this exciting new feature but do check out our Learn site for full details and tutorials:

Epic --- The Game Data Service allows you to manage the custom data structures that your game persists on the GameSparks platform in a controlled and streamlined way. Add indexed fields for the Data Types you'll use to contain the data you want to persist on the platform for your game. By defining your game's data indexing at the outset, any rich-querying against your persisted data using the Game Data Service will execute in an optimal and efficient way, safeguarding your game-play mechanisms against spikes in player numbers. A built-in index advisor helps you select data indexing directly from your JSON structures. You can fully exploit the Game Data Service using Cloud Code methods and a Data Service REST API is available for accessing your game's data directly. GS-565

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