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How Should we go about Making a Queuing System

We are planning to implement queuing system for allocating of servers , the purpose of this system will be when a match is found , we can set up a queue to allocate a server for that match.

Match Found -> Queue

then once a server is free to start the match then we handle that queue, we already have the server handling part implemented, so we can know if we have a free server slot by querying our server info run time collection.

in order to implement the queuing system , we can make a runtime collection for queues that refers to a match, but how are we going about checking the queue,

Should we go for a scheduler than runs constantly to check if there is any server free than it will look in queue collection and handles them, wouldn't this be in-efficient since we are querying every second or so?

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Solved our issue After Planning and doing more trials, we will be implementing on event/request check instead of continues checks which is more suitable for our situation.

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