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[Unity 2017.3] SamsungTVPlayer is obsolete

you have the following warning in the Unity SDK:

Assets/GameSparks/Platforms/PlatformBase.cs(412,42): warning CS0618: `UnityEngine.RuntimePlatform.SamsungTVPlayer' is obsolete: `SamsungTVPlayer export is no longer supported in Unity 2017.3+.'


this is annoying for people that want to not have warning in project, and eventually it will stop compiling when Unity definitely removes support for that platform.

Hi Mauro,

This is something we'll get addressed in a future update. Thanks for highlighting it.



2018.1 also has:


Assets/GameSparks/Platforms/PlatformBase.cs(415,42): warning CS0618: `UnityEngine.RuntimePlatform.WiiU' is obsolete: `Wii U is no longer supported in Unity 2018.1+.'


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