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GS lua - VALIDATION FAILURE - for some connect request


We are using the newest version of the gamespark corona plugin from bitbucket source, not the one published in corona marketplace

When we are are trying to connect to gamesparks platform using GS.connect(), we sometimes receives this error:

{"@class":".AuthenticatedConnectResponse","error":"VALIDATION FAILURE","requestId":"0"}


However restarting the app will successfully connect and other times we are just issuing the gs.connect request again with succes. So in general we have connection establish, but sometimes we se this weird error.

Best Simon

Hi Simon,

How often are you seeing this error ? This error means there is an issue with the secret provided. Are you able to replicate this consistently ?



Hi Liam

Thanks for your response.

We are able to replicate it, bit not very consistently - It is not an issue with the secret provided as this is working in most cases (95% of the time).
It is the same key/secret we are using in the app and sometimes when it starts up, we do a AuthenticatedConnectRequest but it fails with the error above.

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