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Virtual Goods - Quality of Life

^ This person seemed to have the right idea about a year ago. Essentially:

  • Adding vgoods is tedious - esp when, often, we add the same tags, currency costs, currency type, etc. Allow us to copy one as a template!
  • We could use the REST API, but that's like saying we could technically skip the portal completely, which defeats the purpose of this thread (and the unsatisfying answer to the above forum link)
  • I can't open items in a new window to remind myself of the template used -- please allow us to open in new window.
  • Please allow us to create a new prop/set from within the VG.

Just some QoL stuff for VG in the portal would rock!

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Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the feedback. This is something we are looking into in a future portal update.



In our project too, as the virtual goods amount is starting to rise rapidly, the slowness of the portal starts to make handling the virtual goods hard.
Some more improvements that would help a lot:

  • We use the tags to categorize the items so it would be nice, if those could be used to filter the virtual goods list.
  • Opening in a new tab or restoring the previous list state as you return from modifying the virtual good. Now if you filter list or expand the list size and then edit a virtual good and come back, the list is reset to the default configuration and you have to do the filtering and expanding again.
  • Also as bonus, it would be nice if the goods could have properties, which could be changed for instance: duration. That would require some logic changes for the virtual goods though.
Thanks and I hope to see some of these in the future.

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