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[Unreal Engine 4] OnGameSparksAvailable dosent get called.

I got a question regarding delegates inside Gamesparks. I am using unreal engine 4 with c++ to implement gamesparks into my game.

Here is my problem:


I bound a function to the OnGamesparksAvailable delegate inside my games gameinstance. Unfortunatly the function dosent get called at all no matter what i do. Currently i create the Gamesparksobject inside my gameinstance class and then bind the function. After that i Connect to the backend using my GamesparkObject->Connect.


This is how i add a Delegate and create the object. My Function takes a bool availble


And this is how i connect to gamesparks.

Hi Robert

What version of Unreal are you using ?

Are you using GameSparks plugin form the unreal store or from the GameSparks website?



I am on unreal engine 4.18.3 and i am using the latest build from the gamesparks website. Should i try to use the marketplace one ?

Ive put the marketplace version of the plugin into my project. Unfortunatly the problem still persists. I tried doing it in blueprint but i cant even bind the even inside blueprints.


I also tried to use the gamesparkscomponent inside my gamemode. But i get a simular error with that.


Found out what the problem was. Turns out gamesparks dosent call delegates inside the GameInstance. I had to switch it to the gamemode.

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