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Portal - It looks like your session expired...

I have a problem


1. Log in to GameSparks portal

2. if you select another tab in the browser or minimize the window,i get this message ("It looks like your session expired. Please log in again to continue")

3. Enter again, go to 2.

Problems found yesterday.

Last week everything was fine

Tested on Opera, Chrome, Firefox

Can you help?please

(16.4 KB)

Hi Denis,

I've followed your steps and am not seeing this behavior. Can you try clearing your browsers cache please ? Are you still seeing it happening now ?



Hi Liam, 

I do not understand


a few minutes ago, the error was repeated, but now everything is fine, but I did not take any action, for example on cleaning the cache .

Sorry for my English

Hmmmm this is happening for me as well. I'm on Windows 10 Chrome.

I remember this happened to me a long time ago and it fixed itself like you as well. But man, when it is acting up, I can't do ANY work in GameSparks.

Similar issues:
1. When I'm logged in but I open - I must click sign in and provide credentials again and again.
2. When I open support page ( it always looks like logged out, when I click 'sign in' button I'm just redirected to project configuration page, after click on support link it just redirects to but still with sign in and register buttons.

It auto-fixed for me after I logged into my Mac for the entire day. Might be a coincidence though since this isn't the more empirical bug report lol.

I'm getting the same problem, tried clearing the browser cache, even tried switching to Internet Explorer (which I'd never used on this PC). And everytime I click back onto the Gamesparks window I get "It looks like your session expired. Please log in again to continue."

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