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ListMessageRequest in unity (show messages with details)


ListMessageRequest working fine in Test Harness, but I am having difficulties showing the values in unity. The data in Inspector is .

  "@class": ".ListMessageResponse",
  "messageList": [
      "@class": ".ScriptMessage",
      "data": {
        "displayName": "saik3t",
        "Message": "5a4d0f9d2f481f5e102b65d9",
        "Doctors Name": "sd asdsad",
        "Place": "sadsad",
        "Complementary Product": "sdsdsdsdsds",
        "Appointment Date": "01/20/2018",
        "Time": "03:00:39",
        "Prescription ID": "944d1b042ed94946a4f335e0fee3a88e"
      "extCode": "data_message",
      "messageId": "5a63054d7299d304c4edb7b7",
      "notification": true,
      "playerId": "5a4d0f9d2f481f5e102b65d9",
      "summary": "Message Details"

Gamesparks has listmessagerequest and I am not sure how that document is gonna help me in unity. 
I have tried this and this, but somehow having problems. I want to show exactly the data as shown in inspector and add them to a list. TYIA. 

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