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Queued durable requests sometimes not sent in Unity

We are trying to use durable requests so that data doesn't get lost if the user temporarily goes offline. However, queued requests don't always get sent from the Unity Editor.

I launched the game in the Unity Editor while disconnected from the internet and carried out some actions that send requests. Then I quit the app, turned on my internet connection, and launched the app again. GS.DurableQueueCount reported that 20 requests were in the durable queue. However, these requests were never sent. I opened and closed the game repeatedly, and while it was authenticating with GameSparks successfully, it never submitted any of the durable requests.

I then disconnected from the internet again, launched the game, and queued up more durable requests. Then I quit the game, turned on the internet connection, and launched the game again. This time, all of the durable requests were submitted to the server.

It seems like the durable requests feature is unreliable and GameSparks sometimes fails to submit queued durable requests to the server.

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When I say "quit the app/game" and "launched the app/game", I just mean starting and stopping the game in the Unity Editor.

We're using GS API version

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This is a serious issue for us that is dramatically impacting our ability to test features. We are experiencing severe synchronization issues because GS may wait for many sessions before submitting pending durable requests. We would greatly appreciate some feedback on this.

Hi Kevin,

Can you raise a ticket so that we can look at this in more detail for you please ? 



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