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Problem with durable requests


We are making mobile game and we will be ready to publish soon. We are having problems with durable requests that we need to handle possible disconnects.

In our game durable request sometime get error "ALREADY_PROCESSED" as a response. After client receives that error once that request will be completely stuck. By stuck we mean that same "ALREADY_PROCESSED" error will come every time that request is used. Request will start working again if we remove that cached requests file from our game AppData folder.

We have found that this will likely happen at least after player have been unfocused from the game for about 30 minutes, sometimes less.

We are using Unity 5.6.2f1 and GamesparksSDK

Our request looks like this:

new LogEventRequest().SetEventKey("SAVE_GAMESESSION")
    .SetEventAttribute("REQUESTPACKAGE", JsonConvert.SerializeObject(requestPackage))
    .Send((response) => {
        if (!response.HasErrors) {
        else {
            Debug.LogError("ERROR: Saving GameSession");


We couldn't find any information what that "ALREADY_PROCESSED" error code actually means. Could you tell what that error code means? This problem is our top priority to fix right now so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


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Hi Tomi,

That error means that the requestId associated with the request has been used before. Can you try upgrading your SDK here and let me know if you still see this issue ? 



Hi Tomi, were you able to fix this?

I am having the same problem in my app, getting the ALREADY_PROCESSED response.

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