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Leaving game - challenges stay open


I'm currently creating a game where you can challenge your steam friends.

1) I check which friends are ingame

2) I challenge my friend for a match

3) He accepts the challenge - the match starts

It seems to me that GS Challenges are the right way to do this. However I'm struggeling a bit to understand how I can deal with an exceptional case:

What happens, if the player leaves unexpectedly, without withdrawing his challenge, e.g. by timeout. Will his challenge be removed?

I can of course set a specific expiry date but still the challenge will be listed for the other player. What happens if he joins the challenge then?

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Hi Axel, 

If a player fails to partake in a challenge either by disconnecting from the game or failing to take a turn, you can utilize the SparkChallenge Api along with a scheduled process or mechanism to end that challenge. You can find the api documented here

You will require a mechanism which will execute your spark challenge api requests. This would likely be in the form of a spark scheduler. Which you can find documented here

At a high level, one implementation could take the form of defining a sensible offset within which turns must be taken ().when taken the scheduler is cancelled. Outside of which the scheduler will kick in and draw, or win the challenge . 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

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