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Test friend features in Test Harness


I'm currently incorporating a "friend" feature in my Steam Multiplayer game.

When developing for steam, I normally can only authenticate once. What I did in the past was to have a switch in my game allowing me to authenticate with steam or directly to GS, this way I could run 2 instances of my game with full GS features.

However, this seems to be an issue with the friend feature. I have no way to have 2 users see each others as friends in this constellation of a steam and one non-steam instance, is that correct?

Any ideas what I can do about that?

 Sorry, only mentioned this in the title. This is especially an issue when attempting to test via test harness, as I cannot use it to athenticate with Steam

Hi Axel,

We have a tutorial on setting up a custom friends system here. By using GameSparks features such as Challenges for friend invite, Cloud Code for player search and Teams for friends lists you can have a system which is applicable across platforms. 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

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