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Access collections as variable through module in cloud code


I'd like to be able to create a module that would contains all the collection names. I would then like to be able to assign the variable from the module in the cloud code event.

For example:

Spark.runtimeCollection(variableNameFromModule).remove({ "_id" : { "$oid" :$oid }});

Is it possible?

I've seen that we can use function and I already do that, but I was wondering the syntax for the variable. It could also be like an enum.


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Hi Pr, 

Given that any RuntimeCollection related operations simply take a string identifier for the collection in question, these can be stored in a module as const strings if necessary. This would allow you to maintain a reference to said collections shortcodes if you would prefer that over hardcoding strings in your script. 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

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